What is The Best Dog Food for a German Shepherd?

German shepherd are active dogs with muscular bodies. They are filled with the desire to always please their owners. They love to work and they can work for long periods without distractions. They are the best when it comes search activities as they have a keen sense of smell. German Shepherd are known for their black and tan coats as well as their wolf like features. Since they are full of high energy and possess good appetite, they should be provided the best type of dog food a German shepherd could have to maintain health and happiness. Some of the suggested German shepherd dog food recommendations are listed below;

  • German shepherd dog food should have ingredients that are easy to digest. Barley, rice and rolled oats are sources of easily digestible sources of grains and carbohydrates unlike corn, wheat or soy. Easily digestible food helps the dog to properly metabolize vitamins and minerals in the food.
  • Dog foods rich in calorie are yet one of the best foods to feed a German shepherd. This is because they are active hence burning a lot of calorie and losing energy. But you should determine the amount of calorie according to the level of activity of the dog.
  • Whole meat protein such as poultry, fish and beef as well as food that contain vegetable and fish oils are important aspects when choosing a good dog food for the German shepherd. The vegetable and fish oils contain healthy fats and Omeaga-3 fatty acids that take role in keeping the coat shiny and healthy.
  • Ingredients such as carrots, sweet potatoes and small amounts of barely, rice and oats may be added to the diet. They are one of the best foods to feed a German shepherd who is starting to suffer from obese because especially vegetables contain extra fiber that helps the dog keep full at a little portion.
  • German Shepherd can also be fed on healthy human foods. This is because fresh foods contain natural enzymes unlike the commercial dog foods. Make sure not to make human food more than about 15% of your dog’s diet as it may lead to unbalance of its nutrients.

Keep in mind not to give exercise your dog well enough and also make sure you don’t overfeed it. Once you don’t feel the ribs of your dog, then this is a sign to obesity. Obesity worsens health conditions such as arthritis, elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia which easily affect German shepherd dogs.

If you notice your dog eating less, take it to the veterinarian. The dog may have eaten something that caused stomach pain or it may be sick. Another thing to consider is that whether your German shepherd has lost weight but seems to be eating normally, then do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. This is because the dog may be suffering from health conditions such as EPI, small-intestine disease, or some other health issue.

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