Large Breed Dogs Food

Large breed dogs grow quickly compared to other breeds. Because they are large, this doesn’t mean that their stomach is large as well, in fact they have smaller stomach. The amount of a giant breed dog food might even be less in comparison with that of a super active small or medium sized dog. Because of their size, they can easily become overweight once slightly over fed. Thus, the best large breed dog food required for your dog is one with a modest amount but rich in nutrients.


Recommended large breed dog food

Extra-large breed dogs are more likely to suffer from obesity, joint problems and aging fast so they have to be fed with care to live longer and healthier. The first consideration in choosing a large dog food brand is to consider the calorie and nutrient such as phosphorus and calcium. The amounts of these factors must be decided on the age, activity level, metabolism and size of the dog. Another factor is definitely protein as it is a source that supports their growth and body functions.

When feeding your dog (puppy), you should make sure not to add supplements to the food. This is because it messes up with the nutrient of the food. An example is adding calcium, it can cause skeletal problems such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and arthritis that may lead to surgery. Also, try to keep away excessive vitamins and minerals at least until the dog has stopped growing.

Some large breeds are more likely to suffer from bloat. Bloat is a health condition where the stomach is filled with air or fluid. It is life threatening as it leads to cut off of blood supply to the stomach and intestines which results into shock then death. The best way to avoid bloat is to consult a veterinarian once you notice any signs or symptoms. There is no a specific diet to prevent bloat but below are some recommended suggestions of things you must avoid when feeding;

  • Don’t use a raised stand for feeding
  • Don’t mix dry foods and water
  • Stay away from foods that contain excess amounts of fats or oils
  • Train your dog to eat slowly


Some of the top 10 large breed dog foods include;

  • Family foods gold nutritionals food
  • Arden Grange Large Breed Dog Food
  • Wild Prairie Food Regional Formula
  • Beta Large Breed Dog Food
  • Fresh Grain Free Large Breed Food
  • Life Protection Dry Adult Food
  • Proactive Health Adult Dry Food
  • Wholesome Essentials Adult Dry Food
  • James Wellbeloved Large Breed Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food

The above large breed dog food ratings and reviews are quite good because they contain the sufficient nutrients necessary in the diet of a large breed dog.

The best way to interpret the best foods for your dog is to consult your veterinarian who may recommend a specific ingredient in the food according the dogs health.

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