Best Dog Food for Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are sweet and full of fun. They are lively, lovable, loyal and totally affectionate. They are also friendly and love being with other animals, adults and children. They are the easy going breed and are always fun to have around. To maintain the spirit they have to be fed well by their owners.


Golden retrievers are uncontrollably active with a prodigious appetite. As they grow, their energy tends to reduce but this doesn’t affect their appetite. This is one of the reasons why most golden retrievers become overweight. Thus, the owners ought to look for the best dog food for their golden retrievers to keep healthy and happy. These dogs are recognized by their rich lustrous coat; therefore the diet should include the best foods for Golden retriever’s coat.

Below are some golden retriever food recommendations based on various aspects;

  • Like all dogs, Golden retrievers require foods rich in quality protein and fats. Whole meats are good sources of protein. They include whole chicken, beef, fish and lamb.
  • Golden retrievers have long, luxurious coats which need to be kept healthy. The best foods for Golden retriever’s coat are ones with sources of fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6.
  • Another important aspect to consider is the amount of calorie. Golden retrievers do many sports such as hunting, water sports, tacking and many others. Being active dogs, they require high level of energy hence more calories.
  • Cancer such as hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma and mast cell tumor are common in golden retrievers. It is difficult to prevent cancer but it is advisable to feed them on foods that are free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and other ingredients that may lead to cancer.
  • The puppy food should have calcium and phosphorus for proper growth. Avoid adding supplements such as cheese, milk or yogurt to the puppies’ diet. This leads to unbalanced diet which affects the puppies’ health.
  • Avoid grain free foods as they may cause the rapid growth leading to bone and joint problems.
  • Golden retrievers are prone to allergies. If it is itching all over then it must be an allergy caused due to a low quality ingredient found in the dog food. They may be corn, soy or wheat. Take your dog for treatment once you notice any signs of allergy.
  • Constantly keep checking for weight. This can be done by checking the ribs. If you cannot even slightly feel your dog’s ribs then this is a sign of overweight. Try to exercise your dog more and feed less but a couple of times during the day.

Some of the best dog food brands for golden retrievers include:

  • Wellness Core
  • Royal canin
  • Natural balance
  • Fromm Gold
  • Eunkanuba

Choosing the best dog food for your golden retriever may be quite challenging. You may have to analyze and feed them accordingly. If you are still unsure about what food is best for your golden retriever then you may consider consulting a veterinarian.

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