Best Food for French Bulldog Puppies

Finally you have just gotten a lovely, cute french bulldog puppy! Ok then, what will you do? Do you know what to feed french bulldog puppy? You have lots of things to do such as feeding him and taking a dog walk with him, etc. At first, you need to create a budget for your small friend as taking care of a puppy is like taking care of a baby. So you should provide all his needs.


Of course, you want him to grow healthily and happily so there are some recommendations which are required to pay attention.

Frenchies are prone to getting lots of weight, overfeeding makes him an obese dog.

So you should feed him in right amounts and with best dog food for french bulldog puppies. You can prefer best dry food or best wet food for french bulldog puppy.  Both of them have pros and cons. However you should not wean him until he is seven weeks old. Afterwards, you will gradually go on feeding your pup with puppy french bulldog food. You need to use a specialized puppy food for your dog, not one for adults, because puppy foods ingredients have been formulated due to puppies’ needs.

After you have decided which one is the best food for french bulldog puppy, you should create an eating schedule for your puppy. Young dogs need to be fed more often unlike adult dogs because they are growing, so you must get him used to eating schedule because his house training and potty habits, even sleeping habits, depend on his eating habits. Growing puppy should have at least three measured meals a day. It should be measured because most dogs, even grown up ones, will eat all you serve them, so if you do not want an overweight pet in your house, you should limit his meals to a proper amount of food.



How often shall I feed my puppy?

At first weeks after he is weaned, you should feed three or four times a day. When he is an adult, two times is sufficient. However, it is the best idea to consult with your vet in every subject.

What can we say for the best dog food for french bulldog puppies?

Well, we say ‘use the best dog food for your puppy’ but what is ‘the best’?

When it comes to puppies, everything they eat not only affects their current health, but it also affects their future health. So be sure your puppy has well balanced meals a day. They need proper puppy food. Best dry or wet food for french bulldog puppy should contain enough proteins and healthy fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega -6. They also need vitamins and minerals. You have to be careful about additives, artificial flavorings and preservatives. You had better consult your vet or some experienced dog breeder on which type of food to buy for your little companion. If your dog does not get the nutrients he needs, he might feel the need to eat between meals, he may have digestion problems.


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