What should I feed boxer puppy and how should I feed him?

When a little cute boxer puppy is a new member of your family, you have a series of responsibilities to him such as feeding, taking care, training, etc. They are so energetic, agile, active, athletic animals. However, they are prone to losing their health easily. Boxer puppy’s diet is effective on being a healthy and happy dog. If you want your pup to grow healthily and happily, you must pay attention what to feed and how to feed a boxer puppy. You should use the best puppy food for boxers. Please do not prefer the ones which is for the adults. A puppy food is formulated by considering what a puppy needs. In this issue, if you have or think to have a puppy, you must create a budget for him.


A boxer puppy should not be taken away from his mother until he comes to 7 or 8 weeks old. However, after 4 weeks, you should slowly introduce solids to your puppy, adding milk so that the meal becomes soupy.  Slowly allow them to feel the flavor and food type. Try getting a variety of flavor so they can enjoy what they eat and grow in a happy healthy manner.

How many cups should I give?

It is important to consistently check his weight and growing number of weeks by deciding how many cups are satisfying for him. So if they range from 1-4 pounds they’ll need around 400 calories. 4-5 pound puppies would require around a half cup of food which should contain around 600 calories. These calories should come from good dog food for boxer puppies which includes meat protein, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

How often shall I feed my boxer puppy?

It is important to use a measuring cup so you can notice how much amount of foods he eats. Also, create a schedule for his feeding time and do not let him to cheat you with his lovely face. Always give his food at scheduled hour.


Adult boxers typically eat about two cups of food per day, so feed him about four cups per day until he is 6 months old. Boxers are at higher risk for bloat, eating too much too fast results in health problem. Instead of feeding your puppy twice a day, feed him smaller meals throughout the day, at scheduled times.

Boxers are also extremely likely to have food allergies. You should keep away from feeding your boxer any commercial food with soy, wheat or corn in it. These foods are often used as fillers in dog food. Thus you should prefer best puppy food for boxers.

Take a look at top-rated, the best boxer puppy dry food

Taste of the Wild knows that dogs grow in healthier manner when meat is the main ingredient that makes up the majority of the recipe.

Hence they score top marks for having a named meat at the top of the ingredients list.


In this puppy food it happens to be buffalo and lamb (although there’s also a pacific fish flavor recipe.)

The carbohydrate is provided by sweet potato and it is gluten free.


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