Border Collie Puppy Food

Border collie puppies are a bit more special because they are the smart and active compared to other puppies. They belong to a breed that do mental challenging and challenging activities such as herding or tracking or anything that makes them exercise both physically and mentally. In short they consume a lot of energy when still young hence you should provide the best food for a Border collie puppy for the overall health and proper growth.


Understanding your puppies eating habits

The puppy is only about 8 weeks old and has a small stomach despite the rapid growth it undergoes. Thus it needs to be fed on regular meals in a day. But this doesn’t result in overfeeding the puppy. Overfeeding may cause obese that develops joint, muscle and bone problems. The only possible way in understanding the eating habits of your puppy is by watching the amount they eat according to the leftover food they may leave. As it grows to becoming an adult, the regular meals reduce to about one meal per day. Make sure not to feed your puppy before an activity or a play, either feed it after the activity or before sleep time.

How to feed your puppy

  • It is very important to make sure that that the Border collie puppy food is rich in calorie to fuel the growth of the puppy. The puppies compared to adults need to consume more of these nutrients as they tend to be more active and hyper.
  • Fats such as lard, poultry fat and vegetable oil is also an important aspect in the diet. It helps to maintain and keep their coats healthy and shiny.
  • Focus on providing Border collie puppy food that is rich in animal protein such lamb, beef and fish. They help improve o the energy level and stamina of your puppy.
  • Provide a lot of water and soak dry puppy food in warm water before feeding.
  • It may seem right to feed a puppy on milk but this is not the best for Border collie puppies as they are lactose intolerant and easily makes them sick. Instead as a source of calcium, they can be provided with egg yolk few times a week.

Recommended best food for Border collie puppy

  • Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Puppy Grain Free Dog Food
  • Annamaet Ultra Formula
  • Castor & Pollux

The above mentioned dog food brands are one of the best food for Border collie puppy as the organic ingredients in them are produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics. They are also rich in calcium and phosphorus, a necessary ingredient for growth, omega-3 fatty acids for good skin and coat as well as carbohydrates and protein sources for energy consumption.

The best way to make a Border collie puppy food is actually at home. By preparing home dog food, controlling the level of proteins, carbohydrates, calcium or fat in the Border collie puppy food is possible.  You could change the level of the nutrients as required based on the activity level of the puppy. But make sure that the food meets all your puppy nutrition needs. You may consult your veterinarian if you realize any loss of appetite or digestion problems in your puppy and adjust the diet accordingly.


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