Dalmatian Puppy Food

Dalmatians are usually identified by the black spots on their white skin. They are both active and smart dogs not to mention lovable as well especially when it comes to the puppies.


Just like the Dalmatian adults, Dalmatian puppies are also unique as they tend to suffer from the problem of not being able to digest food containing purines. This is situation leads into formation of urinary and kidney stones which cause irritations and can partially or totally block the flow of urine making urination painful. This undesired health condition is really dangerous and can cost your puppy its life.

Purine and Protein

Since purine is a specific compound of protein source, many people tend to reduce the amount of protein as well in the Dalmatian puppy’s diet. Purines and protein are not the same and actually large amount of protein is needed in the diet. The best dog food for Dalmatian puppy is one less in purine and rich in protein.

How to feed your puppy

  • Provide them with a lot of water as they need it for their kidney to remove unwanted things from their body.
  • Best dog food for Dalmatian puppy is one rich calories because they tend to be active hence need energy throughout the day.
  • Measure and feed your puppy with the right amount of Dalmatian puppy food. This is varies from puppy to puppy. The best way is by analyzing your puppy’s eating habits. If there are signs of overweight or loss of weight then immediately reduce or increase the amount respectively.
  • Stay away from Dalmatian puppy food with artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Allergies are something common as well in Dalmatian dogs. They are usually caused by some ingredients found in dry and wet dog foods. Grain is one of those ingredients that cause allergies, especially wheat. It is better to buy a Dalmatian puppy food which is grain free.
  • It is also best to measure the amount of food before feeding in order to prevent over weight or under weight cases. The puppies have to be fed up to about three meals per day.
  • As mentioned earlier, do not mix purine and proteins. Provide your dog with puppy food rich in proteins such as lean chicken and reduce as much as possible purine sources such as red meat.

Recommended best dog food for Dalmatian puppies

  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Merrick grain free puppy real chicken & sweet potato recipe dry
  • Wellness core grain free puppy chicken & turkey recipe dry dog food

The above mentioned brands contain all the different kinds of nutrients your puppy needs. They are rich in protein and less in purine. The other nutrients include carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.


The above are what your Dalmatian puppy food should be like. It was be best to provide homemade puppy food but it may be challenging as you will have to make sure all the nutrients are added in proper balance. If you are still unsure, then first thing is consult a veterinarian who will guide you through the whole process.


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