What is Semi Moist Dog Food?

Dog foods come in a variety shapes and forms, pet owners have a range of options about feeding their pets. All of them have pros and cons.


Let’s take a look at moist dog food:

They are neither dry nor canned foods, and they do not fit into the frozen, freeze-dried or any other category.

This type of dog food typically includes water between 60% and 65%. In dry dog food, water ratio is much more less, about 10%. Most dogs love the taste of semi-moist foods more than dry dog food.

One of the best sides of the semi moist dog food is its softness which makes it easily chewable and digestible, especially for small dogs. Due to its easily chewability, soft and moist dog food is preferable by the older dogs who have some dental problems.


Most semi moist dog food packets are easily openable and easily storable. Also most of them are not needed to put into refrigerator although it is needed for some of them.

If we want to talk about the price, semi moist pet food is generally more costly than dry dog foods but it is a bit cheaper than canned foods. However it depends according to canned, dry and semi moist dog food brands

As in some dry foods, some semi-moist foods use artificial colors and preservatives. The colors make the foods more charming to buyers while the preservatives provide a long shelf-life.

Semi moist dog foods contain a little bit higher sugar and salt when compared to dry dog food. However sugar and salt are unwanted ingredients for the best dog food. They can disrupt your dog’s health.


Even if it is the best semi moist dog, there is a disadvantage of this type of food. Due to its softness, moist or semi-moist dog food does not keep your dog’s teeth clean as in dry dog food. So, after a while your dog can have a mouth that is full of rotten teeth. Thus you have to pay attention about cleaning his teeth.

The other negative side of semi moist food is that humectant propylene glycol is used to make it easily chewable and soft by pet food companies. The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) states propylene glycol GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in dog foods. When used in the small amounts found in dog foods, it is considered to be safe. However, if your dog should consume very large amounts of foods, it would be harmful. As a moist dog food brand, Purina uses propylene glycol and states that;

“Propylene glycol functions as a humectant food additive and preservative. In other words, we use propylene glycol to help keep the semi-moist kibbles soft and moist. Beneful consumers love the variety of ingredients, which includes some kibble that is crunchy and some that is soft and moist. Propylene glycol is only an ingredient in varieties of Dog Chow that are softer, like for seniors, or have a mix of moist and crunchy kibble. The other brands just include hard crunchy kibble.”

In spite of   pet food companies’ assurances and the FDA, many pet lovers do not like to feed foods that contain propylene glycol.


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