Dobermans Puppy Food

Dobermans are big and muscular. They are known for being an active working breed. Thus, it is really important to provide them with a good dog food that will cover up all their nutritional needs and grow up healthy.


The Dobermans puppies tend to easily be affected by health problems that result from poor diet. It is really important to monitor and point out the dog foods that may affect your Dobersman puppy health. Although there are no specifically best Dobermans puppy food, below are some recommendations on the food that should be fed or avoided and also on the nutritions they need in their diet.

How to feed Dobermans puppy

  • Since they are big and active, even when they are puppies, they tend to burn a lot of energy. This results to the need of higher calorie intakes compared to other puppies.
  • It is best to divide the Dobermans puppy food into three meals per day. This is because a huge meal per day may cause bloating.
  • Since they are growing dogs, they need protein for proper growth of the muscular, skeletal and immune systems. The animal proteins are one of the best sources of protein. This is because they contain amino acids that the puppy needs to grow and be healthy.
  • Chicken fat, olive oil and fish oils are good sources of fatty acids that a best dog food for Dobermans puppy should contain. These fats and oils help to maintain not only the skin and coat but also the nervous function, joints and organs.
  • High quality complex carbohydrates should be fed to Dobermans puppies because it is rich in calories and is easily digestible. Another reason is that they are susceptible to hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. Thus they need complex carbohydrates that burn slower to avoid blood sugar spikes. The complex carbohydrates include brown rice, whole wheat, barley, sweet potato, whole oats and buckwheat.

Health Problems and Foods to Avoid

  • Hypothyroidism occurs when your puppies thyroid gland does not produce enough T3 and T4 hormones. Under these conditions they tend to gain weight. Thus it is important to avoid grains and processed fillers that are usually found in dog foods. Feed the Dobermans puppy with lots of meat, fruits and vegetables of high quality.
  • Bloat is a health problem that occurs when the dogs’ stomach is full of gas that can’t leave its body. Once you notice your dog flip over on itself, you should rush it to the nearest veterinarian around for treatment. Bloat is an emergency that can be fatal. The best way to control bloating is to provide your puppy with small but regular meals during the day.
  • Wobblers’ syndrome is an affliction of the spinal cord that results into a dog to lose its balance. It affects the dog at the later stages of its life and can be prevented by controlling the weight from since it is a puppy.
  • Some Dobermans are susceptible to the kidney disease. It is a disease inherited from the parents. Too much protein intake may create high nitrogen that stresses the kidney more than usual. Visit the veterinarian in such cases for a proper diet.
  • Too much fat or some fats may lead to overweight. Thus it is best to keep away from poultry fat, lard and vegetable oil.
  • Grain free foods maintain a healthier life and proper functioning of the digestive system. It is recommended to avoid corn, corn meal, white flour, corn gluten and wheat gluten.


Best Dobermans puppy food


  • Precise large and giant breed puppy

This puppy food is best for the Doberman puppies as they contain fewer calories compared to other dog foods. It prevents the puppies from putting on too much weight while growing as too much may result in arthritis later on in their life. It also contains three different kinds of meat protein which are chicken, salmon and lamb. The other ingredients include are chicken, chicken meal, ground brown rice, oatmeal and lamb meal all perfect for the best Dobermans puppy food.



  • Holistic select large and giant breed puppy health

This puppy food is special because it contains probiotics, healthy fiber and digestive enzymes to help the puppy’s digestive system. It contains the necessary meat proteins which are lamb, chicken and fish. These ingredients are also helpful for better brain and eye developments. The other ingredients are lamb meal, ground brown rice, ground rice white rice, chicken meal and dried beet pulp.


  • Canidae life stages chicken, duck and lentils formula large breed puppy canned dog food

This puppy food contains ingredients that include chicken, duck broth, dried egg whites and brown rice. It also has probiotics, antioxidants as well as omega 3 and omega 3 fatty acids. It is the best Dobermans puppy food because it helps slow down their potential of gaining weight while growing.



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