Weimaraner Puppy Food

Weimaraner puppies originate from Germany. They are puppies that grow to be bred for deer and bear hunting. This is because they are intelligent, fast and have stamina as well as good scenting abilities. The Weimaraner puppy is friendly, obedient, and fearless and alert which makes it a good buddy at home. Unless provided with training and socialization, Weimaraner puppies may end up growing aggressive. Since they are active puppies with super high energy, they require a good balanced Weimaraner diet and a lot of exercise for proper growth.


Feeding Weimaraner Puppies

  • The Weimaraner puppies are from medium large breed dogs, for proper growth, they need a lot of calorie. It’s not recommended to feed a Weimaraner puppy on large breed puppy foods because most large breed puppy foods have fewer calories than other puppy foods. Calorie intake may vary for every Weimaraner puppy. When choosing a Weimaraner puppy food, it is important to consider its height, age and level of activity.
  • It is important to measure the amount of puppy food provided as well. They should be served at least three meals a day. This helps in preventing bloat and also provides them enough time to digest the food.

Below are some ingredients that a Weimaraner puppy diet should have:

  • The Weimaraner puppy food must contain proteins that are easy to digest. Most dogs and puppies tend to easily digest proteins obtained from animal sources compared to plant sources. Thus, in the first ingredients, there should be at least two to three meat proteins. This is necessary for growth and maintenance of energy. The proteins needs to be of good quality, examples are chicken, beef, fish and lamb.
  • Fats are an important nutrient in a Weimaraner puppy diet as well. The fats provide them not only with concentrated energy but also help with the skin. Chicken fat should be your priority when it comes to fat sources. The other is fish oil, it provides Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids support both skin and coat health. Omega fatty acids also contain DHA that helps with brain and eye development of the puppy. The essential fatty acids that come from animal sources are much easier to digest than the plant source just like the proteins.
  • Carbohydrates are as important as the other nutrients found in the Weimaraner puppy food. This is because they provide the energy needed for the body to function. The carbohydrates are mainly obtained from potatoes and sweet potatoes rather than grains. Grains tend to trigger allergy in most puppies.

What to Avoid

  • Since grains tend to trigger allergy, it is recommended to keep away from ingredients like corn, soy and wheat.
  • Avoid feeding the Weimaraner puppy rapidly or from the table and make sure not to provide plenty of water immediately after a meal. The suitable meal timetable is three times per day.
  • Avoid Weimaraner puppy foods that contain artificial colors, artificial preservatives and artificial flavors. Try to keep away from any other chemicals that may cause harm to the puppies’ health.

Best Weimaraner Puppy Foods

Below are some of the best dog foods for the Weimaraner puppy to grow healthy and strong. The portion for feeding should be decided after monitoring the amount of calorie and weight of the puppy.


  • Forms Large Breed Puppy Gold Formula

This is a good because it is formulated for large breed puppies. Its ingredients include duck, chicken meal and chicken as sources of animal protein. It is grain free which means there are no ingredients such as soy, wheat or corn. It has salmon oil, a rich source of animal fat that include DHA essential for the brain and eye development of the puppy.


  • Candidate All Life Stages

This is yet another best puppy food for Weimaraner puppy. Its ingredients include the duck meal, lentils and rice. The duck meal is a good quality source of omega 3 fatty acids. It is also does not contain corn, soy or wheat and is free from artificial flavors or preservatives.



It is really important to choose the right ingredients that will promote the health of the growing Weimaraner puppy. If there is a sense of any allergies or symptoms, make sure to visit the veterinarian. It could also be helpful to ask for the veterinarian’s opinion on the right diet for your puppy.


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