Greyhound dog food

Greyhounds are large breed dogs that were originally used to hunt for hare, rabbits, deer and foxes. Today, they are used in racing games where they got to be called the Ferraris of the dog world. This is because they are fast and can reach a speed of 45 miles per hour. They are kept as pets after they retire from racing because of their sweet, grace and intelligent nature. To expose their friendly sides, they need to be socialized to get used to the environment.


How to Feed Greyhounds

Greyhounds require a balanced diet to live up to the active life of racing. Below are some greyhound food recommendations:

The most important nutrients are protein and fats. Greyhounds diet needs to be rich in good quality protein and fat. This is because they use up a lot of energy and the protein and fat help in fueling the lost energy back. The greyhound dog foods should be high in calorie if they are active and younger. For adults, the calorie intake may vary depending on the age, level of activity and metabolism. Try to measure the amount of food fed to the dog. This helps control the weight of the dog. About two meals a day is enough for an adult Greyhound dog. Provide good sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes or sweet potatoes.


What to Avoid in a Greyhound Dog Food

  • Avoid corn, soy and wheat because they tend to trigger allergy.
  • Try to keep away from greyhound dog foods with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.
  • Avoid free feeding the greyhound from the table as it may cause excessive gain weight.
  • Do not feed your dog on a heavy meal, a heavy meal once a day may lead to bloating.

Necessary Ingredients in a Good Greyhound Dog Food

  • Protein is an important nutrient and they should come from good sources. Good sources of proteins are the animal proteins especially meat. The first ingredients should contain at least two to three whole meat proteins for a balanced diet. Whole meat examples are beef, fish, whole chicken and lamb.
  • Fats should also come from good sources. The best source of fat is chicken fat. The other fats include that are good as well are fish oils. They contain omega 3 fatty acids that help to keep the skin and coat healthy. Some of the omega 3 fatty acids contain DHA, a mineral that promotes brain and eye development of the greyhound.
  • Vitamins complete the whole diet. The sources are fruits and vegetables. They can be added as supplements in the diet or be provided as treats.
  • For carbohydrates, they should be low in percentage. Good sources include potatoes and sweet potatoes.


Best Dog Food for Greyhounds

Below are some of the recommended dog food brands for greyhounds.

  • Wellness Core Grain Free Original

This is a good large breed dog food for dogs such as greyhounds. It contains ingredients such as turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal making the dog food rich in proteins. This formula is grain free and contains no meat by products.


  • I and Love And You Red Meat Medley Grain Free Dry Dog Food

From its name, it is one of the best dry dogs for greyhounds. It is a grain free formula with no corn, wheat or soy that tends to trigger allergy. Its ingredients include lamb meal, herring meal and bison. It is contains no artificial flavors, artificial color or preservatives. It is one of the recommended dog foods for the greyhounds.


  • Orijen Adult Dog

This dog food is high in proteins and lower in carbohydrates, a perfect match for the greyhound dog’s high meat diet. This dog food is made up of ingredients that include turkey, chicken, fish and eggs. Not only that but it also has about 20 percent of fruits and vegetables. It is grain free with nor corn, soy or wheat. It also does not contain potatoes making it a really low carbohydrate formula.


Try to choose the best dog food for your greyhound. This can be done by feeding the dog food for a few weeks. Avoid quick transitions between the dogs. Analyze the health and body situations, if it doesn’t seem to please you then you may consult a veterinarian for another dog food or go back to the old one you used to feed. If possible try to make your greyhound homemade dog food with all the nutrients needed in the diet. Take your greyhound for checkups if you sense any signs or symptoms of allergy.


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