The Best Food for Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

The Bernese dog is one of the largest dog breeds. This breed is one of the four main alpine herding breeds that belong to Switzerland. You need to take special care of the food habits if you have just adopted a Bernese puppy. If you want them to grow up strong and big, then you must ensure to provide the puppy with all the essential nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamins. Just like humans, puppies too need a proper diet to make sure that their digestive, immunity and other systems work properly. Here is the list of best food for Bernese mountain dog puppy that must give to your dog


Best Foods for Your Bernese Puppy 

You must give them proper foods to make sure better growth and development. Some of the foods you can provide are:

Chicken Meat for Protein 

Lean meat is essential for the Bernese dog puppies. Thus, chicken meat is essential for them as it is one of the main sources of protein. Also, it is a great energy source without providing a huge calorie count. Chicken meat will also help your puppy to gain lean muscle mass for healthier body. The chicken meats also contain Omega 6 fatty acids that can help your puppy to have shiny coats and healthy skin.

Yogurt for Calcium 


Bernese mountain dog puppy food must contain right amount of calcium to ensure they healthy and high density bones. Even with right amount of calcium in their diet, their teeth will be stronger too. So, it is important to provide them with low or non-fat plain yogurt. Yogurt also provides probiotic benefits along with calcium for stronger bones. Do not give flavored yogurts to your puppies or any yogurts that contain high amount of sugar.


Broccoli for Better Immunity System 

Dogs are often prone to infections and skin problems. Thus, it is important to improve their immunity system by providing broccoli. Broccoli is quite beneficial for puppies as they have anti-cancer effects and also helps in metabolism. Besides all these, it can help the dogs to fight against infections, heart problems and skin diseases. Both cooked and raw broccoli is good for your dog. But boiled one will be easier to feed for your puppy.

Apples for Vitamins 


Vitamins are also essential for your Bernese mountain puppy. Well, apple can be the best source for Vitamin A and C along with dietary fibers for the puppy. It is healthy and low calorie that can keep the teeth of your puppy clean too. Vitamins can help to reduce flakiness of skin and encourage healthier and glossier coats of your puppies.

What to avoid when feeding your puppy?


So, this is the Bernese mountain dog puppy food list that you must follow to ensure that your puppy is growing healthy and strong. When the puppies get the balanced diet, not only their systems work properly but also their skin and bones improve. There will be an overall growth and development. Thus, it is important to include all these above foods in their everyday diet. Puppies need vitamins, proteins and calcium every day to grow stronger and better.


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