High calorie dog food

It is really important to keep your dog in good shape. This helps to improve on its health by preventing various health problems. Keeping healthy reduces the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer.


When talking about calorie, your dog may either need to be fed on high or low caloric food depending on its weight. Most dog owners tend to think that preventing overweight in a dog means keeping the dog healthy; yet not realising that underweight is also not healthy. Dogs tend to undergo a lot of weight fluctuation from time to time. Thus it may be quite difficult to exactly know the reason of weight loss that your dog undergoes. The reasons pointed out below are common causes of weight loss and when they are serious.

  • Dogs may undergo stress even they don’t show it. Once they enter a new environment or have a new pet owner they take some time in adjusting and in most cases they lose appetite for food hence leading to weight loss.
  • Changes in season or weather also affect your dog’s weight loss. The dog’s appetite tends to change with seasons as well. This may differ from dog to dog, it is up to you to monitor which season your dog tends to eat less food and change its diet during that season.
  • The other reason is signs and symptoms of diseases. Suddenly, your dog may stop eating well and you wonder why. Most probably, it’s because they are not in good condition or they are suffering from a cold. At these points, it is advisable to visit a veterinarian for quicker recovery and prevent loss of a lot of weight at later steps.

Ways to put on healthy weight on your dog

It is important to know the ways of making your dog gain healthy weight. Healthy weight does not overweight. Overweight is something all dog owners should avoid. Overweight affects the health of your dog as well. Especially dogs that suffer from arthritis tend to feel more pain in their joints when they are overweight.  Below are the healthy ways on how your dog can gain weight.

  • Feeding your dog on high calorie dog food

By high calorie dog food, we actually refer to fog foods rich in high calorie proteins and fats, these two nutrients help the dog to grow and develop with proper health, especially the puppies.

  • Feed your dog about two to three a day.

Doing so helps the dog gain enough nutrients to go through the day. This way, it will not lose weight easily and instead gain some.

  • Adding sweet potatoes in your dog diet

To build up some muscle in your dog, it is advisable to feed on sweet potatoes as supplements. This will help them gain some fat and the necessary fiber their bodies need.


Best high calorie dog food brands


  • Orijen original dry dog food

Orijen is one of the best high calorie dog food brands. This dog food contains meat products with high protein and fats that help to build up the dogs muscles.


  • Merrick grain free dry dog food

This dog is also rich in high calories as it contains high quality protein sources that include chicken. It is grain free which means there will be no difficulty in digestion neither source that trigger allergy. It also contains sweet potatoes as sources of both carbohydrate and vegetables. This dog food also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and chondroitin that promote joint and skin health.



  • Earthbone holistic great plains feast grain free dry dog food

This dog food contains lamb and bison meals that are high animal protein sources. On top of this, it also contains peas that are sources of plant protein. This makes it a good high calorie dog food for your dog. It has also the probiotics that easy digestion.


  • Euknuba high calorie performance dog food

This dog food is not only a high calorie dog food but also rich in calcium that help in development of strong bones in your dog. As sources of protein, it contains meat that is chicken and whole chicken. As an addition, it also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints.


  • Tuffy’s pet food – Nutrisource

This dog food is formulated for gaining weight and developing muscles in dogs as it contains high quantities of fats and proteins. Its protein sources are animal proteins that are chicken, whole chicken and fish. It also contains eggs and flaxseed that also help in healthy weight gain.


To conclude, high calorie dog foods are necessary in your dog’s diet if they are undergoing weight loss or if they are underweight. The above dog food brands are examples of the best high calorie dog foods suitable for your dog. They all contain high and good quality sources of animal or plant proteins and fats that are necessary for a healthy weight gain in your dog.


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