Bichon frise puppy food

Bichon frise puppy belongs to the small breed of dogs. This puppy is known for its fluffy white coat and black eyes. Bichon puppy is one of the cutest buddies you could have at home as long as it is loved and given attention to. It is quite cheerful, playful and intelligent. It is really easy to become friends with the bichon frise puppy because it has the characteristic of easily socializing with people around it.


How to feed a bichon frise puppy

Bichon frise puppy is a small dog and they tend to burn a lot more calories compared to the large breed. They are playful at home; love activities like long walks and runs outside and they are in a process of growth. All these activities make them lose a lot of energy. Calorie thus plays an important role in their diet. The calorie intake may vary from puppy to puppy. Some of them may need more calories depending on their activity levels while others may need less. Providing them with high calorie does not mean feeding them on large amounts of food. Feeding them on small amounts at scheduled times during the day is healthier for the puppies. Avoid sudden transitions on the amount of food as it may lead to sudden overweight.


Bichon frise puppy diet and nutrients

Bichon frise puppies need to eat healthy puppy foods rich in ingredients of good quality. Below are some of the ingredients a bichon frise puppy food must contain.

  • Protein is one of the most important ingredients in a bichon frise puppy food. The protein is necessary in the diet because it helps with the growth of the puppies.  The most recommended source of protein is animal protein. Plant protein is also not a bad choice but it is easier for the puppies to digest animal protein.  A good bichon frise puppy food should contain about two to three meat or animal protein in its ingredients. Examples of the animal proteins include whole chicken, beef, fish and lamb. Meat meals are also another source of animal protein. Meat meals are a form of meat that does not contain moisture.
  • Fats should also come from good sources. The most recommended source of fat is chicken fat, the other is fish oil. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that help in maintaining skin and coat health. The fish oil is also a source of DHA, a special form of omega 3 fatty acids that promote brain and eye development.
  • Carbohydrate should come from sources such as sweet potatoes or potatoes. Wheat, corn or soy may also be sources of carbohydrates but they are not highly recommended because they trigger allergies. The amount of carbohydrates should be slightly less than protein.
  • Vegetables and fruits provide the necessary vitamins and minerals in the diet. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, broccoli, carrots and spinach can be added as supplements next to the food or can be used as ingredients in the bichon frise puppy food.


What to avoid

In the bichon frise puppy foods, there are some ingredients and habits that should be avoided because they end up causing health problems. They include the following;

  • Stay away from corn, soy or wheat as it may trigger allergies.
  • Raw hide bones are not good for the teeth especially when given to a developing puppy’s teeth and jaw.
  • Do not feed your puppy from the table; this may lead to random weigh gain.
  • Do not feed the puppies on a large meal once a day as it causes bloating, a fatal health problem in both dogs and puppies. İnstead feed the puppies about three times a day on small amounts. This is much healthier.


Recommended best puppy food for bichon frise


  • source:

    Wellness small breed

This is a good bichon frise puppy food. Its ingredients include deboned turkey, chicken meal, oatmeal and salmon meal. It contains DHA, a type of omega 3 fatty acids that promotes brain development. It also contains antioxidants for better digestion.  It stands out for chondroitin that promotes joint health.


  • source:

    Precise holistic puppy food

This is also a good bichon frise puppy food. The ingredients it contains include real meat, wholesome carbohydrates and fatty acids. The fatty acids are a source of DHA that promote eye and brain development of the growing puppy. What makes it also contains probiotics that tend to easy digestion for the puppy.


  • source:

    Instinct by natures variety raw boost puppy grain free recipe

This is a good food for bichon frise puppy because it has all the necessary nutrients for a complete balanced diet. It is rich in animal protein that includes chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal. It is also low in carbohydrates and contains the fatty acid DHA that comes from chicken eggs.  It is free from corn, soy and wheat that are hard to digest and tend to trigger allergy. This puppy food definitely does not contain any by products or artificial preservatives.


The bichon frise puppy food will need to be switched from time to time since they are growing. These transactions need to be done with slowly and with care. It would be best if you consulted your veterinarian on this matter and together find out what would be the best way to change the diet for your puppy.


Providing homemade puppy food for the bichon frise puppy food would be a lot healthier than buying puppy food products. But the home made puppy food should contain all the right amount of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. Again, you may consult your veterinarian on the proportions of these nutrients. Make sure not to free feed your mini schnauzer puppy when home feeding as it may lead to overweight that may cause health problems later on in its life.


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