American golden retriever

The American golden retriever originated from England. They were later on imported to America and were developed according to the American standards making them somewhat a new breed. They have slightly different features from the golden retrievers.

  • They have darker coat colour, most are dark golden brown
  • They have a little bit slanted eyes
  • Their tails are slightly curved upwards
  • They appear more lighter compared to the heavy golden retrievers

Back in the days, the golden retrievers were bred as hunting dogs that catch shot preys and deliver them to the hunters in an undamaged manner. After being imported to America, the American golden retrievers started becoming popular as pets because of their beautiful coats and looks as well as habits.

The American golden retriever temperament

  • The American goldens are quite active dogs. They need daily exercise routines such as daily walks or outdoor games. This is because they are sportive dogs and it is in their nature to be active. They are sometimes used as guard dogs as well.
  • They are active outside but are also calm inside. The American golden knows where and how to behave once taught. They are totally calm once inside the house, they end up lying on a couch or rag on the floor taking their time to rest. It is important to keep in mind that keeping them alone indoors for long is not good for their psychological health. They may end up developing separation anxiety and stress.
  • These dogs are extremely social and can get along with the family quite easily.
  • The American golden is also known for its loyalty towards their owners. They will always try to please you in some way or the other.
  • They are easy dogs to train. Training is so much fun with the American golden retrievers. They can easily pick up what they are taught in no time thanks to their intelligence and attentiveness to their trainer.
  • The American retrievers do shed as well especially in the spring and fall seasons. Hence it is important to regularly wash, comb and sometimes trim their coats for a healthier and shiner look.


The American golden retrievers come in different colours such as golden, dark golden or sometimes white.  White retrievers are rarely found nowadays. The American goldens have long coated coats with good hair and also a dense inner coat for warmth or any kind of environment. They do shed but not a lot and still poses a magnificent coat


The American golden retrievers get affected by all kinds of diseases just like their fellow other dogs. They are only more likely to develop cancer compared to the rest. Other disease that affects them is arthritis, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and many other malnutrition diseases. That is why it is important to provide them with a balanced diet consisting of all nutrients and to visit the veterinarian regularly for checkups.


The American golden retrievers are dream pets almost everyone would like to have. They are not only well built and smart from the outside, in fact they are friendly that makes them lovable pets.


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