Golden retriever dew claws

The dew claws are extra toe nails that are located on the inside part of a dog’s front foot. They are sometimes known as the big toe. Most dogs have dew claws but not necessarily all of them. The dew claw is not a bad thing and it has its advantages as well that will be discussed next.


Advantages of the dew claws

The dew claws help in providing extra traction when the dogs are in motion. This is because they are found on the front feet and when the dogs are in motion, their front feet bends. The dew claw hence comes in touch with the ground stabilising the wrist joints of the dog legs. The dew claws are also used by dogs to grab and hold stuffs much better. Especially the slippery stuffs they may want to chew. The dew claws help some dogs to do activities such as climbing trees. The above are just a few of the many advantages of the dew claw.

Do the golden retrievers have dew claws? Should the dew claws be removed?

Yes, the golden retrievers do have dew claws and serve the same purposes for them just like they do for other dogs.  Since the dew claws are actually advantageous and unless there is an important reason, then they should not be removed. The dew claws should be trimmed from time to time otherwise they may cause pain or become infectious and damage the dog’s leg.

Removing the dew claw without a specific reason such as an infection or a disease is not at the dog’s best advantage. Doing so may end up causing the leg to lose flesh and muscle strength.


How to maintain the golden retriever dew claw?

The dew claw is maintained the same way the toe nails are. They require regular trimming and cutting sometimes when necessary. At times they end up getting trimmed naturally. In other words, when the dogs are extremely active, the toe nails and the dew claw start wearing out to a point where they no longer need trimming. Trimming will help to prevent the breakdown of the dew claw or to be completely pulled off. It also prevents the dew claw from splitting into half.

Keeping them trimmed and short helps in avoiding dirty elements from staying within the dew claws. This way diseases or infections may be prevented as well. In case your golden retriever dew claw or any of the toe nails gets infected, then it is highly advisable to take them to a veterinarian for treatment or removal. It may be difficult to treat it at home by yourself.

Keeping the golden retriever’s feet clean and dry at most times is necessary as well. Clean and hygienic feet lead to healthy dew claws and toe nails.

All in all a dew claw is not a bad toe nail on your dog’s feet. It is absolutely natural and healthy as long as it taken care of in a hygienic manner.


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