Golden retriever brush

Golden retrievers have long and mostly light coloured coats that are beautiful but get easily get dirty as well. It is important to know about the features of the golden retriever coats.


The golden retriever coats are made up of two layers; a top layer and softer under layer. The top layer is referred to as the Guard coat and the under layer as undercoat. The two layers combine to form a barrier against any harm that may come to their skin. The guard coat helps to keep them protected from dirt and harmful UV rays. The undercoat on the other hand helps to keep them warm during winter and cool during summer.

Best brush for the golden retriever

Before going ahead to discuss about the best tools or brushes for the golden retriever’s coat, we need to know why it is important to brush them in the first place.

  • Brushing the golden retrievers coat helps to remove dirt
  • It prevents them from having hair that tangles
  • Daily brushing helps to control shedding as well
  • Brushing also helps in blood flow through out their bodies and spreads the natural oils equivalently which is healthy.
  • Brushing provides a neat and tidy look on the dog.

How often should the golden retriever be brushed?

It is important to know that the golden retrievers were bred as working dogs and hence they are extremely active. That is why they tend to easily get dirty. A daily brush is necessary to maintain a good hygiene and keep healthy. Regular grooming is also important because most golden retrievers have long coats that make them look shabby if kept too long.

The best brushes or tools to use on your golden retriever

  • The slicker brush

The slicker brush is one of the best brushes for the golden retriever’s coat. It has two types of pins, the lighter and dense pins. The lighter pins penetrate into the upper coat, guard coat, to remove loose hair, dirt and debris. The dense pin separates hair and detangles it.

  • The pin brush

These are long wide spaced wire pinned brushes. They are used to remove tangles and mats. These brushes are designed most especially for the guard coat. They are best for retrievers with long hair or coats. They help in removing dirt that may be left on the retriever’s coat.

  • The bristle brush

This brush performs the same tasks as the pin brush. The only difference is that it serves both long and short haired retrievers. This is because they come in different sizes of bristles and spacing as well making it suitable for a variety of coats.

  • The undercoat rake

This brush is mainly designed to help in removing the undercoat during the shedding seasons. It also helps in detangling the undercoat. They are metallic and widely spaced, this way they can easily penetrate to the undercoat and perform their tasks.


The golden retriever will need the above mentioned types of brushes to keep a healthy brushed coat. Below are a few examples of the best dog brushes you may consider buying for your golden retriever;

  • Safari long tooth; an undercoat rake
  • Hertzko self cleaning slicker
  • Andis premium; a pin brush

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