English golden retriever temperament

The English golden retriever is one of the most adorable pets to have at home. The golden retrievers originally come from Scotland. They were bred as hunting dogs. In our present days, there are American, English and Canadian retrievers but they almost all have the same temperament.  They got the name retriever because of their ability to find and bring a hunt safely.


Below are some of the temperaments of the golden retriever

  • The English golden retrievers are social dogs. They are easy going and get used to the family members in a short period of time. The English retrievers also get along with children quite well.
  • The golden retrievers are intelligent dogs and respond to training lessons they are given in no time. They always tend to have the desire to please their owners.
  • The golden retrievers are active dogs. They need regular exercises almost every day. Activities such as daily walks or outdoor games will do just fine for them.
  • The golden retriever may be super hype when they are outside but they are really calm indoors. Keep in mind that keeping them indoor a lot may cause stress and anxiety which is not healthy for them. Once in this situation, they may end up developing bad habits.

  • The golden retrievers have long coats that shed but not too much. They usually start shedding in the spring and fall seasons. It is important to brush and groom them regularly during these seasons to control the amount of hair fall. Using the right tools and brushes they will end up with tidy looks even during the shedding seasons.
  • The golden retrievers are fun dogs and will keep the house alive as well.
  • They are pretty as they come in different coat colours, a variety to choose from.
  • The golden retrievers get along with other animals in the neighbourhood. This is only possible if they are exposed to the outside environment since they are puppies. Otherwise they will become extremely lonely and unsocial.

As long as they are taken care of and provided with all their necessities, the golden retriever will never disappoint as pets and will always end up being loyal, kind and protective to their home members.


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