European cream golden retriever puppies

The golden retrievers are dogs that originally come from Scotland. They were raised and trained as hunting dogs. Today, they come in different types that include the American, English and Canadian retrievers as well. Sometimes the English retrievers are also known as the European retrievers. They got the name retriever because they are able to fetch and bring a catch during a hunt no matter where it may be.


Besides that, they are called cream golden or golden because of their shiny golden creamy colour of their coats. They are mostly popular due to their coat colour. The coats come in different shades providing them with very attractive looks.

Other shades of their coat colours include;

  • Golden
  • Light golden
  • Dark golden
  • Cream
  • white

The European cream golden retriever puppies were later on bred in Europe. The European golden retrievers are usually born white in colour. The puppies’ coats start changing their colour coats sometimes as they grow older. During the first 4 weeks they start opening up to the real world. They start walking, running, making small barks and start having a character of their own. It is important to keep in mind that during the four weeks and later on, they have to be socialised. The puppies need to be around different people and other animals around in the neighbourhood. This will help in preventing bad behaviours and anxiety as they grow older.

Some of the European creamy golden retriever temperaments

  • The euro golden retrievers are quite social dogs if they are correctly socialised when they are puppies. They are loving puppies that will easily get along with the family members and are especially good with the kids.
  • The euro cream golden retriever is easy to train. It is smart enough to grasp all the exercises and activities they are taught in no time.
  • The euro cream retrievers are active puppies as well. It is really beneficial to take them out and play outdoor games. This will prevent them from getting bored at home. Keeping them at home till they get bored may make them feel lonely and sad which is not healthy psychologically.
  • These puppies need to feel that they are attended to and are loved by their owners.
  • They do shed but not a lot. They start shedding mostly in the spring and fall seasons. During these seasons, it is important to brush them regularly, about two to three times a week. They need a regular bath as well. This way they will keep a healthy and shiny coat as they grow.


It is important to take care of the puppies’ health by feeding them on a proper diet and make regular checkups to the veterinarian. It is important to know that these puppies are susceptible to health problems such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and hypothyroidism. These health problems are treatable if noticed immediately.


How to feed European cream golden retriever puppies

The puppies need to be fed well enough in order for them to grow healthy. They need about three meals a day with a balanced diet. Either homemade food or dry dog foods would do as long as all the necessary nutrients are provided. It is helpful to consult a veterinarian for further information on how to feed your puppy.

The European cream golden retriever puppies are adorable and loving pets to have around in the house. They are fun pets as well. If you think of having one, then go for it!


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