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After a long tiring day, there would never be a better way to rest than having a beautiful and peaceful sleep in your comfy bed. Only then will you be able to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed in order to carry on with your activities. The same applies for the golden retriever dogs. After a day of running, chasing balls, barking or playing a game outdoor; the golden retrievers need a good rest on the best beds they can get. This way they wake fresh and more energetic the next morning.


There are many dog beds out there but which one is the best suitable for your golden retriever?

The types of beds are plenty and examples include;

  • Heated beds
  • Cots
  • Fleece mats

And many others that are available for both puppies and adult dogs despite their sizes and ages.

The best bed you could get for the golden retriever is an orthopaedic bed. This is because the orthopaedic beds are best for large breed dogs such as the golden. Having an orthopaedic bed for your dog does not necessarily mean that it is physically unhealthy, it is just comfy and best bed they can have their rest on.  The orthopaedic beds are made of thick high density foam that keeps the dog away from the hard floor. It is large enough for them to stretch off relieving their aching bones.

The orthopaedic beds are used by both the young ones and adult dogs but it is mostly ideal for when the dogs reach their old age. How would you choose the right dog bed for your retriever?


Below are some of the points you need to take into consideration when considering a good orthopaedic bed for the golden:

  • The size or length

It is very important to measure the golden’s length and add about 10 inches to make sure the bed fits them perfectly. In most cases, the large beds are most suitable for the golden retrievers.

  • Thickness

For a good and peaceful sleep, the foam of the bed should be thick enough. A too thin bed would cause discomfort as it will be pulled too close to the ground by the dog’s weight. A bed about four inches thick or even more would be suitable for a golden retriever.

  • Cleanliness

It is important to promote hygiene. Make sure to get a dog bed that is cleanable or in other words a bed with a cover that comes off for cleaning. Also make sure that the fabric of the bed does not trap hair since the golden retrievers have long coats that shade off sometimes.


Below are some examples of the golden retriever dog beds

Providing the golden retriever with the best comfy sleep it can get is really important. It is only this way that they will be able to rest, promote their health and be more fresh and active.


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