English golden retriever vs. the American golden retriever

The golden retrievers are one of the most famous breed of dogs. These retrievers originally come from Scotland. They were bred as hunting dogs and gained the name retriever because of their ability to find and bring back all the hunted prey just the way it is to the hunters. The golden retrievers were chosen for this task because they are obedient and can easily learn skills and tricks in no time.


The golden retrievers were later on mixed with other breeds or had to migrate to different regions creating a variety of them. Despite that, there are two main subtypes of the golden retriever that are the English cream golden retriever and the American golden retriever. The English cream golden retrievers are also known to as the golden retrievers all over the world except for America. They have other names as well that include the white golden retrievers, European golden retrievers or the British golden retrievers. The American golden stays the same.


Some of the differences between the English golden retrievers and the American golden retrievers physically are listed below.

  • The English golden retrievers are usually have a white colour coat while the American golden retrievers have a dark brown closer to a red colour coat.
  • The English golden retrievers have a box like head while the American golden retrievers have a fox kind of head.

When it comes to behavioural issues the English golden retrievers are calmer while the American golden retrievers are more hyper. Most of the American golden retrievers are full of energy and are very good in athletics. The English golden retrievers on the other hand are easier to train because they are calm hence they learn quickly.



The English golden retriever and the American golden retriever may be different in some ways but they are common in other ways as well. Both breeds have a high level of sociability towards people and other pets around in the neighbourhood. They are intelligent as well and loyal to the point of being kept as guide dogs too. Both the English and American golden retrievers are used as assistance dogs, search dogs or even rescue dogs. It is fun to play the game of fetch or catch with the retrievers of both breeds because they bring it back where ever it maybe. Be it a stick, a flying disc or a small ball, they love running after them. The English and the American golden retrievers get along with children in the house very well. They easily interact and become friends with the children in no time.


When it comes to health, both the English golden and the American golden retrievers commonly suffer from similar diseases. But the situation is not the same when it comes to cancer. The American golden retrievers are unfortunately prone to cancer while the English golden retrievers are way less prone to cancer or even do not suffer from cancer at all. This should cause a negative impact on the American golden retrievers, it is because the cancer is treatable at early ages and if you purchased a healthy one from a good breeder, then they may turn out totally cancer free.

Both the English and the American golden retrievers are good pets to have at home; they are fun and lovable and will never disappoint their owners.


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