My dog isn’t eating but acting normal

Dogs usually have quite good appetite when it comes to food. Once they lose their appetite and start eating less, then it is a concerning situation. Do not be blinded by their normal acts, eating less than what they are supposed to is not quite normal.


Causes of less eating or loss of appetite in dogs

When you notice that your dog is not eating or drinking but acting normal, the first step is to find the cause behind it and proceed with the treatment. Below are some reasons why your dog may lose appetite;

  • Sickness

Sickness is the most common cause of loss of appetite in dogs. And at the same time, loss of appetite is a symptom of a disease whether it is a slight disease or a serious one.

  • Change of environment

When dogs suddenly change homes or travel to new places, they lose appetite. This is either because their body reacts as they feel scared and anxious in their new place or because they get motion sick from travelling.

  • Dental problems

Having a problem with your mouth, tongue or teeth is definitely an obstacle to eating. In this case it is best to visit a veterinarian and feed softer and liquid kind of foods.

  • Getting picky

Just like people, dogs tend to get picky on their food. They may be not eating simply because they do not like the new dog food brought to them.

  • Behavioural issues

Some dogs wait for their owners to feed them. This unfortunately is a result of not training them to feed themselves when they were younger.

  • Change in time of eating

Once the feeding routine is changed, then this will definitely lead to lack of appetite. This may continue until the dog gets used to the new routine.

  • Anxiety

Dogs easily get attached to their owner and feel a little bit anxious when they are not around. This is known as separation anxiety. During that period of time, they would never eat even if they are hungry.

  • Depression

Loss of appetite is also caused by depression. This is because it is actually a symptom of depression. Dogs get depressed when they feel lonely or when they have lost someone they got attached to. In such cases it is best to consult a veterinarian.

  • Age

When dogs are younger they tend to have a pretty good appetite but start losing it as they grow older. This is because they start eating less than what they used to. Providing them with their favourite food at the old age would be helpful in opening up their appetite.

If your dog continues without proper eating habits for a long period of time, then it may end up being life threatening. The only way to prevent is to immediately figure out the cause and try to fix it either staring from home or by rushing to a veterinarian for help.


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