Can You Take a Puppy Home at 6 Weeks?

Is it possible to take a puppy home at 6 weeks?

According to the specialists, puppies going to first time dog owners or flying to their new homes have to wait until ten – twelve weeks.   No responsible, ethical breeder would allow puppies to leave before then.


There is a lot of learning that goes on in those two weeks.   They still need to be learning from mother and their littermates.  Mother and their littermates will teach them things such as bite inhibition and other necessary social skills.   They also aren’t mentally mature enough to go to their new homes.  They go through a fear period during this time where they need the stability, and huge upheavals in their lives is not a good thing. Please make sure your puppy stays with his litter until at least eight weeks.

The puppies must have sucked for 4 weeks and 4 days

The puppy should suck at least 4 weeks and 4 days of milk from his mother and 8 weeks if possible. The mother doesn’t want to give milk after 4 weeks and 4 days, because the puppies have teeth. But still recommended that for up to 8 weeks to get milk by supplementing it with other foods.

Viral vaccines start at 8 weeks of age. Parasitic treatments should be started slowly since the first month. Therefore, if you get a puppy from a family, parasite treatment must have been done and it has been enough to suck milk for about 4 weeks and 4 days.


If you are buying your puppies from pet shop ot puppy mill

But if you buy your puppy from a pet shop or a puppy mill, it is worthwhile to find out

  • how many months the puppy is with her/his mother and
  • when the puppy came from abroad or puppy mill.

The longer the puppy stays with her/his mother and the more milk she/he sucks, the stronger and natural immunity she/he has, since she/he will develop so well in her/his immune system.

To avoid problems

You can also choose puppies that are in the offspring but are 20-24 weeks old. Completed vaccinations of these puppies will provide a health guarantee, and you will eliminate the risk of viral infection and fatal disease.

The Period of Puppy Socialization (6-9 Weeks Old)


6-9 weeks is the age at which your little puppy reacts most to socialization. It’s a good idea to find a puppy to lead her to other puppies, where she/he can meet and play, and where she/he can develop important social skills for her later life.

This period is probably the period that will affect the life of your little puppy and most of what she/he learns during this period can last a lifetime. During this time, she/he develops her social skills and learns his environment. Especially, at the end of this period, it is important that she/he should meet with everything which she/he can encounter in her/his adult life, for example women, men, children, elderly people, other animals, all kinds of vehicles, that are buses, cars, bicycles, objects etc. It is also important for her/him to experience situations such as being alone for a short time, going to the vet, and traveling in the car, likely to come about later in her/his life.

Things to be aware of:

All puppies need a wide variety of positive experiences with adult dogs. Find people who have adult dogs that have a history of dealing well with puppies and let your puppy play with those carefully screened dogs.


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