Can My Dog Eat Cheerios?

It is a controversial issue that “Can We Feed Our Dogs With Cheerios?”



What is the position of cereal foods in dog feeding and which plants are cereals called?

Grain can be defined as varieties of certain foods, such as  wheat, corn and rice, especially starch, cellulose and cereals. In dry dog foods, these cereals have various roles such as providing the taste and energy of the food. Dogs have the necessary enzymes and metabolism to digest the cooked starch.


The Glycemic Ratio

The glycemic ratio of grains such as rice and corn is 70, that is very high. This helps to gain weight and have a good appetite. These foods raise fasting blood sugar and cause insulin secretion from the pancreas. This causes the blood sugar to fall again rapidly. Diseases such as obesity, cancer etc. are caused by foods with high glycemic index. In addition, these high glycemic index foods cause reactive hypoglycemia, a precursor of diabetes.


Can Dogs Digest Cellulose?

Cereals contain substances such as starch and cellulose. Dogs cannot digest cellulose and digestive systems are not suitable for cereals. Cereal is used to increase the taste and carbohydrate value in dry foods. It is also preferred because it significantly reduces the cost. The rate of meat in cereal products is very very low. This is not a healthy diet for carnivorous creatures. For carnivorous dogs, fruits, vegetables and meat are essential foods. Dogs have enzymes to digest the cooked starch, but not for cellulose. Feedings which is containing the cellulose, it is seen that the excrement is more dry than normal, it is difficult to digest and has a tiring effect on the digestive system. Of course, in some dog foods, wheat and oats are the lowest with a 20% glycemic ratio. These are used to increase the taste in foods and used in a small amount compared to meat which is not found in the basic ingredients.



So, What Can I Do? IS It Good For My Dog Or Not?

In Conclusion, Cheerios are a treat that both human and dogs can have. Your dog may like the crunchiness of Cheerios, but giving an entire bowl is not a good idea.  Avoid Cheerios where possible. If you offer them as a treat, do so sparingly.


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