Can dogs eat Octopus?

One thing is for sure is that the octopus is a kind of meat. Most of dog foods contain meat. And fishes are known to be a rich nutrient source for dogs. They form a good protein source and omega 3 and ocean fish have a high proportion of omega-3.


Is the same thing in use for the octopus?

Octopus flesh is rich in protein, has a low-fat percentage and is organic. Dogs need protein. As for the octopus, they provide only 2% fat and only 1% saturated fat. In other words, they contain healthy fat for dogs. As a protein source, the octopus contains amino acids that are specific to your dog’s needs. Different types of amino acids give the dog the freedom to choose what the digestive system needs.

What about B12 Vitamin?

In octopus flesh, there is an exceptional amount of vitamin B12. The high amount is not toxic to your dog or yourself because it is soluble in water and passes through the system even in large quantities. Vitamin B12 helps in digestion for your dog. Lastly, B12 deficiency can also lead to some serious problems such as fatigue, depression and lack of appetite which the dogs also can have.


In addition, octopus food will provide your dog with an extraordinary mineral source such as iron, copper, phosphorus and selenium.


How often should I give the octopus to my dog?

1 or 2 slices of octopus is good for your dog. This amount depends on the size, type and age of the dog. You can then cut the slices into smaller pieces that make it easier for the dog to chew. But you should not forget that seafoods contains a lot of mercury! And for those who don’t know what it is,the mercury is a toxic metal that can damage the nervous system. Too much sea food can be dangerous for humans as well as dangerous for dogs. Your dog can be extremely ill due to mercury poisoning. Therefore, dogs should not be fed  with too much octopus.

In Conlusion

Can dogs eat octopus? Yes they can. An octopus dish provides plenty of minerals, omega-3, protein and vitamins to your dog. It is also organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals that enter chemical bodies from water.

The best practice is to feed the dog with raw octobus. It still has no documented effect, but you should be more careful.


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