How Much Attention Does A Puppy Need?

When your puppy comes home for the first time, he can show cowardly and restless behavior. This behavior is caused by separation from his mother and siblings. Another reason is that the home environment is alien to him. You should meet these behaviors normally and approach him with love. In the first days at home, you should let him get familiar with this new environment. You can play games with him to get rid of these perturbations.


Puppy Care

Factors such as loud noises, crowds and children trying to catch him to love may cause your puppy to be scared in the early days. Give your puppy a warm living space at home and away from the drafts. Your puppy will use this area for sleeping and relaing and will feel safe here. This can be a closed box or housing with a door. There may also be a bed or a basket suitable for its size.


A puppy spends most of the day sleeping. Sometimes he sleeps like a dead person. Because sleep is also a great requirement for puppies. Sometimes dog owners are worried about this and think that their dog is sick. But don’t worry. This is very normal for puppies. Do not try to force your dog out of position. If he wants to stay there, just leave it. He will come out whenever he wants. Don’t let the children crush and annoy him.


Puppy Exercise

The energy requirements and feed consumption in dogs vary depending on activity, age and environmental temperature. You need to provide your puppy with enough exercise to carry out the energizing activity. Puppies are very mobile and need plenty of exercise. The need for exercise is also related to your dog’s breed as much as the age. For example, a hunting dog needs more daily exercise than a Terier. You can better understand your dog’s need for exercise by examining your dog’s race characteristics. However, no matter what race your dog is, short walks are a must for all dogs. Extremely long runs, high jumps and heavy exercises should not be done until bone development is complete.

Game Needs

Both puppies and adult dogs like playing game.  This feature is seen in predators, because they have the luxury of play because they are not afraid of being attacked. The game is also a need for puppies. Lack of play can lead to behavioral disturbances. In poor seasons, the dog needs to have fun and exercise. In addition to these, you must play inside the house.



Be careful when choosing a toy suitable for dogs. These toys should not be too small or sharp enough to injure the dog. The ideal toy is made of rigid and sturdy rubber in the form of a bone, ball or rod. The dog should not be allowed to play with children’s rubber balls, because the dog will eventually bite the ball and swallow a piece of it, causing problems in the intestines. The best toy in the open air is the apple. Apple cleans the teeth of the dog.

Puppy Socialization

Dogs are social creatures and are always eager to establish new friendships. They are curious and open to learning. The main socialization period between 1.5-3 months is of great importance in the psychological world of the dog. It should be noted that puppies come to the world without knowledge of people and the environment in which they live. Therefore dogs; with all kinds of people (women, men, children, old), other pets (cats, dogs) that they may encounter in their lives, every kind of vehicles (buses, cars, bicycles) should be introduced in these months and their associations should always be positive. Once your dog is accustomed to you and his new surroundings, you must introduce him to other creatures. Let them play games with your children and other people. Once the vaccines have been completed, you should allow them to recognize the outside environment. By allowing you to play in a controlled manner with other dogs, you must help him to learn the natural and social behavior among his own kind. Do not leave your puppy alone for too long. This will put him on too much stress. Walk around the crowded streets to get around. At first, it will react to the crowd by barking. But after a while they will accept them and will not disturb other people while walking. Keep in mind; they are aggressive and unreliable against humans and other animals.

To Sum Up

Typically, puppies will need up to 3 hours of care separated throughout the day for training, socialization, and exercise. With the right amount of attention, puppies will grow up to be happy, healthy, and well-behaved.


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