Compare Blue Buffalo Dog Food To Wellness

Wellness Pet Food has a history dating back to the early 1920’s, but they became well-known for producing premium meals for both cats and dogs around 1997.


On the other hand, The premium brand was founded in 2012 by Bill and Jackie Bishop.

Both of these companies have built respectable reputations within the industry, providing healthy, premium meals, with natural ingredients. And also, both of these dog foods contain high quality, completely natural ingredients that will help keep your dog healthy and energetic. Now it’s up to you to decide which one to try. The best thing you can do is buy both of these brands and see what your dog likes the most.


One of the biggest problems that many dog owners are experienced is the fact that the dog does not eat dry dog food or is the dry dog food which is used sufficiently nutritious? But how healthy is the food that you give your dog? Almost every day, we come across dogs that have died or get sick because of dog food. Because some of the dog foods  are produced in unhealthy and virus infected conditions. Also metal parts are mixed up. Dog food problems do not end with this much. Even in countries where inspections are carried out, this is limited to just checking for any viruses or other substances. There is no limitation on the materials to be used and the amounts to be used.

Contents Of Dog Foods

%70 of the dog owners are unaware of the content of the food that they use. Not only that, there are more brands than ever, and many pet owners know very little about them. They all claim to be premium and natural, but most of these claims are eye-catching marketing campaigns and counterfeit advertising.


So, What should we do?

When you are buying dog foods, you should look the contents of the dog food and evaluate dog food’s food formulas according to protein, fat, carbohydrate equilibrium and protein sources. You should not buy;

  • Dog Foods that do not meet the minimum limits.
  • Dog products without meat product (red meat, white meat).
  • Dog food with corn, soy, cereals and cereals crops.
  • Dog food with beet pulp or sugar.
  • Dog food which include leg, chicken feet, intestines, skin-like materials such as leather.
  • Dog food flavored with sauces.

Customer Reviews

If you want to learn more about the products and hear an honest idea, sometimes it is best way to find answers to your questions by examining customers’ comments. Perhaps, Each review is not objective and comprehensive, but if you read 30-40 reviews, you can clearly see whether the product is as good as it is in the ad. You can start by reviewing user reviews of Wellness and Blue Buffalo dog food.

In Conlusion

Because of their easy storage and cheap price, many dog owners use dry food. While trying to choose the best quality food, we should also try to enrich our dog’s nutrition with raw meat and meat products, vegetables and fruits, canned foods etc. After all, your dog is the most important part of this dilemma.


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