9 Healthy Dog Treats That Your Dog will Fall in Love with

Dog treats act as the best tools to reward your dog when training him/her or when appreciating on a good act he/she has done. These treats have a huge impact on the dog’s behavior as they make them feel rewarded, appreciated and boosts up their motivation when practicing. Besides the heavy positive influence dog treats have on the dog’s behaviors, they also tend to promote the overall oral health. How? Well this is because treats known as dental chews that prevent bad breath and promote healthy gums are available.


And now if you are ready, let’s check out the 9 healthy treats that your dog will definitely love!

If your dog is suffering from tartar, then don’t worry, this dog food will mark the end of tartar nightmare. This is because Pedigree Dentastix is a scientifically proven treat food that reduces tartar built up to 80% when fed on daily basis.

This dog treat food contains special texture and ingredients that are low in fat, with no added sugar and free from all kinds of artificial color and flavors.

The treat also comes in different sizes for small, medium and large dogs.


This is one of the healthy yet delicious treats that your dog love. They are made with natural roasted chicken breast meat that provide the perfect taste.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then this is yet a good choice because this treat is free of wheat and cereal. Good Boy contains no artificial colors, flavors nor preservatives of any kind. Not only that but also it is low in fat, only 2%.

Since it is chewy it can be considered as a long-lasting snack for your dog. It is suitable for all dogs as well as puppies over the age of 4 months.

Howlers Natural Rawhide is a yummy yet one of the healthy dental chews perfect for your dog. It promotes healthy teeth and gums and incredible ingredients that are high in protein yet low in fat. You might want to have plenty of water on the side as your dog will need it after a few chews.


This treat is one of a kind. Unlike the others, it not only promotes healthy teeth and gums, but it also whitens your dog’s teeth. So, if you uncomfortable with your dog having yellowish color teeth then this is the right choice treat food to buy.

For best results in a short period of time, as its name says, you must feed your dog on this treat daily. Don’t worry its easy because who doesn’t love a treat!

Extra Select Popular Mix is perfect when training your dog. This is because it comes in different colors and animal shape which is attractive and delicious at the same time! Not to mention that it is the crunchy biscuit kind that your dog will die for. And it’s pretty much huge for its size.

Having a medium sized dog who is suffering from tartar? Then you should definitely get Woofbrush. This daily dental chew reduces all the tartar building up in your dog’s teeth and freshens your dog’s breath.

It contains ingredients that are natural in order to protect not only the mouth but also the stomach. It is also free from any kind of added sugar or artificial colors and flavors.

If you are fighting against tartar in your small dog’s mouth, then you might want to try this treat out. This product has an extremely chewy porous texture that helps in cleansing even the hardest to reach tooth. Not to mention that it is a scientifically proven dental chew that minimizes on tartar building and plaque buildup. DentaLife contains no added sugars, artificial colors or flavorings.

This is a 100% natural, grain free and contains amazing ingredients that are necessary for a healthy diet and are easily digestible. It is made with fresh chicken, duck, turkey, potatoes and gravy. It comes in small size, so you don’t have to worry on overfeeding and it is also easier to carry around.

Not to mention that it contains no additive artificial colors nor flavors and plus, it is totally delicious.

This treat can be used in all occasions be it training, rewarding or appreciating your dog or just a one at a time snack.

This is a vegetarian kind of dog treat but still highly recommended for your dog. It contains rice bones that are a perfect treat for your dog.

It comes in a bone shape which makes it attractive and has a rough texture that helps in promoting healthy teeth and preventing the formation of tartar and plaque. Along with rice ingredient, it contains natural vegetable fibers with clove bud oil that is good for oral hygiene.

It comes in many other shapes which makes it more fun, they include the toothbrush, alligator, cross bone and so on. The choice is all up to you.

The Bottom Line

Choosing among the tons of dog treats available might become a difficult task, that is why we have listed the best 9 dog treats for your dog.

The only thing you need to consider is what kind of dog treat you are looking for, is it a dental chew for better oral health or a healthy natural dog treat especially for training.

With all the dog chews listed above, you can take brushing your dog’s teeth to another level of fun.

Not to mention also the amazing natural dog treats that come in different shapes and colors which will motivate your dog to train more and perform better.

We hope that our list will help you find the best dog treat most suitable for your dog!


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